Banking Solutions

SCI in conjunction with our partners provide Banking cards which are Visa, Mastercard and RuPay certified, producing all format of cards be it EMV or Dual Interface, with or without personalization. We provide smart cards with the SCOSTA certification and offer SIM cards and Smart cards for applications like biometric identification and payment facilitation. High production quality standards are maintained to ensure that the branding requirements of banks are adhered to.

In addition to standard cards, SCI also offers an entire new generation of cards including; PVC cards, PVC-Metal cards, NCMC smart cards, Dynamic CVV cards, Biometric smart cards and Image cards on which any personal picture can be printed. Bearing in mind our corporate social responsibility, we now also provide bio-degradable cards.



Why not offer your customers premium packaging as part of your card distribution? We have the capability to both replicate existing packaging designs or create sophisticated new designs to suit your requirements. Our partners’ state of the art facilities ensure products of the highest quality.

Fintech Solutions

  • Green-pin technology
  • Financial services for rural areas
  • QR based payment, Digital payments for rural areas
  • Fraud and Risk Management