Banking Industry

Over the past decade the world has transformed from cash-based economies to utilising debit and credit cards. As such there has been a surge in demand for production of these cards, particularly as many central banks have set a mandate for financial institutions to provide cards to all customers.

Today bank cards are not only see as a more efficient way of conducting transactions, but one that is necessary. The ongoing pandemic has highlighted the need to restrict the spread of infection which are more easily transmitted through cash transactions with many businesses now only accepting card payments.

Bank cards have also been used to build brand image, particularly amongst millennials. Bright flashy cards are instantly recognisable and have been well received by many of the younger generation.

Our solutions aim to bring about the following changes: 
  • Adherence with mandates to issue cards to all customers
  • Wider range of cards available to customers
  • Building brand image for banks by offering flashy cards
  • Innovative technology such as biometric cards providing extra layer of security