Digital Docs

A comprehensive solution to prevent falsification of documents by enhancing security through physical preventative measures, alongside advanced and innovative technology to ensure authenticity.

QR Code

Unique QRcode print on each document enables to track, trace and validate the data manupulation if happens.

Hologram Printing

Take your data, images, or brand logo to create a custom hologram to add to any of your secure documents

Chemical Reactive

Paper will reveal a blue or brown "stain" when treated with bleach, oxidizers, and polar or non-polar class solvents..

Micro Text

Security printing is similar to extreme fine print, creating tiny text only be verified with a magnifier.

Warning Borders

This feature alerts the bank recipient of the document that security features are present.

Ghost or Artificial Watermark

This feature is printed using opaque ink

Bar Code

Unique alphanumeric number to safeguard the authenticity and originality of the document, provides information of the document when it is scanned with a barcode scanner.

True Watermarks

A watermark that is pressed into the paper at the mill and is visible from either side when held to the light. This virtually impossible to replicate, copy or scan.

Numbering & MICR

Produces a red halo around the serial numbers of a document for simple verification. The serial numbers appear reversed on the backside of the document.