Document Security

Production of fraudulent documentation has become a huge problem globally, mainly due to the increased commercial value of academic qualifications. High academic achievement opens the door to lucrative employment whilst licenses are required for operating most businesses, and visas required for safe passage through immigration.  

Many institutions are unsuspecting of fraudulent documents, in fact as few as 20% of employers take steps to verify the authenticity of certificates and other documents. As such it is imperative to raise awareness of this issue, and for there to be a process in place by which institution can quickly and easily take action.

SCI provides a comprehensive solution for ensuring the authenticity of documents, preserving the effort of those who have gone through education and have achieved their qualifications legitimately. Why should those who have put in honest hard work, taken out large student loans and gone through official channels to secure licenses or visas lose out to fraudulent individuals.

Our solutions aim to bring about the following changes: 
  • Increased awareness of fraudulent practices
  • Easily accessible solution for document verification
  • Increased verification by institutions
  • Deterring fraudulent operators