Health Care

The biggest challenge faced by the Healthcare IT industry is to provide a high quality of patient care in a strictly regulated environment. So, today's healthcare providers are looking for new ways to improve the quality of patient care and cut costs, while enhancing patient satisfaction. This is where SCI has immense value to offer to the healthcare providers and the healthcare IT vendors alike.

Our state-of-the-art healthcare information management services have benefited hospitals and other healthcare organizations worldwide. At the same time, our functional and technical experts have helped many a healthcare IT product company in conceptualization to developing and delivering the product. Some of the best solutions in this industry are developed and supported by SCI.

SCI offers a unique blend of consulting expertise, proven project methodologies, cost-effective solutions and outstanding attention to quality and customer satisfaction. This, along with a high degree of functional expertise including specialized areas such as HIPAA and DICOM differentiates us from the lot. Our support helps our clients ensure that their operations maintain the necessary focus on organizational priorities without the burden of managing a complex and unfamiliar new implementation process.

Our team has extensive experience in the healthcare areas:
  • Hospital Management
  • Clinical Practice Management
  • Robust Medical Practice Managementness
  • Clinical and academic research
  • Education