A touchless workforce management system which helps combat the spread of infections, and facilitates social distancing elements.


Employees working from office using VPN, WIFI and/or encrypted QR

Quality & Security

Location based GPS Technology (restricted or multiple locations)

Dynamic QR

Employees or contract staff working from home using geo-tagged dynamic QR

Geo Location

Employees or contract staff who are on field using geo- location tracking on need basis


Management or team participations to board meetings, conferences and seminars using personalised QRs

Easy Accessing

Desktop Based Tool

  • Common
  • Individual

Patient Konnect

Personalised experience is very critical for any patient retention in any hospital. Data Robotics's patient management mobility solution is a competitive platform to manage secured patient records from all departments with in a hospital at one-place.

Online Booking

Booking an appointment through online makes the user time saving irrespective of place and time.

Quality & Security

Ensuring the Quality and Security by providing valid information to fulfill their purpose reliably and safely.

Easy Accessing

A well-designed user interface app that help patients to track the specific related information efficiently.

Patient Reports

Simplified accession of patient reports by making them online and just a touch/click away.

Reduce Complexity

Patient Portal App help doctors to store the health information of patients in a hassle-free manner.

Search Doctor

Referring the doctors based on the location and specialty.

Refill Medication

The ability to process refills on their medical prescriptions. Patient portal app makes it easier to keep a managed record of the scheduled and needed medications for the patients.


Campus, departments and Students are not isolated anymore. Ed-tech, strengthens and simplifies all major workflows in education. This system is designed to accept elucidate processes and generate reports with better services, consistent and secured data. It supports automated as well as manual processes.

Zero Data Redundancy

Zero data misplace is maintained in the system

Web Based Application

Adaptable to any browser as per user preferences

Email & Sms Alert

Enhanced Email and sms alert features is available

Easily Upgradable

Compatible and Extendible for future generation requirements

Streamlining The Process

Increasing the effeciency of the system by using effective business process

Online Analysis

Complete student analyses is done through online process for accuracy

Payment And Fees Collection

Online and manual paymeant and fees collection feature is obtained in the system

User Friendly Design

User friendly interface for better accessibilty and performance

Complete Report Of Students

Automated and complete reports of students is generated for easy understanding and usage

Seamless Communication

Smooth ,absolute and consistent communication is maintained byIntegrating the efficient Applications and modules


Designed with high security features to provide maximum security against the lose of the data from the system

Integrated Technology

Improves the efficiency of development process , automates the system for minimising the errors and speeding up the system

Learning Portal

A Learning Management system with a difference, to enable organization easily manage users and their needs, providing a multi-platform learning environment and intuitive communication channels, by leaving a streamlined learning solution to end users

Courses Management

Incorporated with Scorm 1.2 compliance and reusable assets with open navigation tools

User Management

Allows you to centrally manage and integrate your users across your system


Certifies and badges for users with the completion of required courses and achievements

Event management

Administration are able to add face-to-face training activities into the calendar, viewable on the home page

Descriptive feedback

Generates outstanding results and scale downs the defensive reaction from the person you acquaint with

Online Discussion board

Discussion board is available for learners to chat about ideas, opinions and other training specifications

Learning Analytics

Several combinations of analytical reports can be generated by administrators. Reports will be shown in the visual graphs and charts

Prescriptive Feedback

Provides precise feedback and advises the users on what should be done to improvise their competencies