Digital Docs

SCI provides a comprehensive solution to prevent falsification of documents by enhancing security through a two-layered approach. Physical preventative measures embedded into paper whereby manual verification can be carried out. The ‘Securitised Paper’ is supported by technological applications such as a QR code which through our Digital Docs app, users can scan, to verify authenticity. Our application is supported by Windows desktops and mobile smartphones (both Android & Apple iOS).

High Resolution Border with Micro Text
Intricately designed borders achieved through high resolution printing. The design is destroyed when scanned or copied, making accurate reproduction difficult and tedious.

Embossed Effect
A pattern raised against the background giving a three-dimensional effect, making it impossible to create a photocopy.

Printed Watermark
A faint design printed onto the paper using white ink during the manufacturing stage, which is visible when held at an angle against light. Since white ink is used, it cannot be photocopied or scanned.

Invisible Ink
Text printed using special ink which is only visible under ultraviolet light
Thermochromic Ink Printing
Text printed using heat sensitive ink, which changes colour with an incremental increase in temperature, reverting when cooled. This reversible effect provides a simple test of genuineness.

Anti-Copy Feature
Hidden text such as "Void" or "Duplicate" can be printed onto the paper and is captured by photocopiers when attempting to make a copy.

QR Code
An encrypted code printed onto each document which can be scanned by any smartphone and translated into something more meaningful such as information contained within a document. This allows for quick and easy verification of documents.
Guilloche Pattern
Highly complex computer-generated designs with different shades of colour and varying line thicknesses. Not only do they provide security as they are difficult to replicate, but they enhance the aesthetic value of the document.
Hologram with Hot Foil Stamping
Computer generated designs made on multi-layered unique substrates, which produce a three-dimensional image when tilted at various angles due to interference of light. A black mark is produced if an attempt is made to copy the image.
Security Fibers
Fluorescent fibres are added to the paper in the manufacturing stage. The fibres are invisible under normal viewing conditions and can only be seen under ultraviolet light.
SR Numbering
This feature generates random numbering by adding a digit either as a prefix or suffix to the serial number. The logic will be only be known to authorized personnel in the department.

Department Logo with 4-Colour
The logo of each department is used to ensure authenticity